Contract Fees

£50.00 to cover the cost of preparing a tenancy, this is a charge per tenancy and not per applicant.

Referencing Fees

We carry out reference checks on all tenants each individual named in the tenancy agreement will need to pay a referencing fee. For example, 2 tenants = 2 referencing fees.

£50.00 per individual.

£350.00 if a company is being referenced.

Guarantor fee (when required)

£30.00 per person

Check-In and check-out Fees

We carry out a Check-In and Check-Out service on all properties (subject to the landlord confirming that they wish to use this service). The cost of a check-in and check-out can vary from £166.00 to £274.00 dependent on the size of property and the amount of furnishings in the property. Most normally, tenants pay for a check-in and landlords pay for the check-out. For clarity, check in fees are payable per tenancy, not per applicant.

Tenancy renewal fee

£60 per tenant – if the identity of the tenant changes, please see fees below.

Change of tenants

If the identity of a tenant changes or a tenant is added to the agreement, assignment documentation must be drawn up and signed for and the tenant must be referenced.

£50 contract fee per tenancy.

£50 referencing costs per tenant.

£25 deposit re- registration fee.

Other Fees

Loft Style Properties also works on behalf of institutional, rather than private, Landlords who may have their own administration procedures and fees. This can mean that the costs vary from those detailed above. Details of these fees are available upon request, but please be assured that if these landlords charge fees for the same services then you will not be liable to pay any fees to us” these fees are usually fairly similar to the above charge but may vary in some cases.