Lettings Fee:  6% + VAT (8% including VAT)

Loft Style Properties works with landlords across London providing a first-class property management and letting service.

We know how to manage and rent property, to produce maximum return on investments, whilst ensuring smooth running tenancies that are legally compliant in every way.

To attract the right quality of tenants for your property, Loft Style Properties advertise extensively through local and national publications and on the web. This ensures that suitable tenants are targeted specifically.

Our aim is always to find a reliable tenant at the best market rent and within a reasonable period of time.

Management Fee - 6% + VAT (8% including VAT)

Loft Style Properties Property Management offer a fully comprehensive property management service handling all the day to day management of the tenancy, and catering for any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Portable Appliance Testing PAT - £120

Gas Safety Certificate - £70 / £80 (Managed / Non Managed)

Energy Performance Certificate - £80

Viewing & References

Our professionally trained negotiators will accompany prospective tenants to view all suitable properties. If the property is occupied, visits are strictly by appointment only. Once we have found a tenant for your property, we will ensure that all prospective tenants are interviewed and a tenant assessment report obtained from a specialist referencing company. You can rely on us to do the necessary paperwork but, ultimately, the final decision as to the acceptability of a tenant is made by you, the landlord. You will never be pressured to accept a tenant that you are not entirely happy with, for whatever reason.

Mortgaged Properties

If the property is mortgaged, you should notify your Building Society or Bank that you are thinking of letting the property. It is usually one of the conditions of your mortgage that you apply for permission to sub-let the property. We also recommend that your building and content Insurers are advised of your plans as they too may need altering, so as to cover a third part residing at the property.

Deposit Registration

To ensure that all landlords adhere to this new legislation, we request that you confirm which scheme you will be registering the deposit with before the Tenancy Agreement is created. To help you with your decision, the following three companies have been awarded contracts to provide this service:

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

• Deposit Protection Service (DPS): This is the single custodial scheme and further information can be found on
• The Dispute Service Limited (TDS): This scheme has been created mainly for Letting Agents. Loft Style Properties is a registered member of the TDS.
• TDSL: Is the last of the protection schemes. For more information please visit

Since 1st October 2008 it will be mandatory for landlords to make Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) available to NEW tenants as part of the lettings process. Each EPC will last for 10 years.
Please note that failure to comply with this legislation could result in a £200.00 penalty.


An inventory should be prepared to ensure that all items of Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings left at the property are recorded and their condition noted. The Tenants deposit will be held against any damages or excess wear and tear shown against the inventory.

We recommend that a third party inventory and schedule of condition is arranged to prevent disputes at the end of the tenancy. Loft Style Properties will be happy to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Check-In and check-out Fees

We carry out a Check-In and Check-Out service on all properties (subject to the landlord confirming that they wish to use this service). The cost of a check-in and check-out can vary from £166.00 (inclusive of VAT) to £274.00 (inclusive of VAT) dependent on the size of property and the amount of furnishings in the property. Most normally, tenants pay for a check-in and landlords pay for the check-out. For clarity, check in fees are payable per tenancy, not per applicant.